Is It Really That Good Or Is It Just Nostalgic? | BCM215 DA

Georgie O'Brien


Have you ever picked up an old video game from your childhood and become totally engrossed in it? Furthermore, have you ever shared one of your favourite childhood games with a mate and have been met with sheer disappointment? This has happened to me on multiple occasions, causing me to question my friends’ taste in video games. But after investigating both a “forgotten” game and a “bad” game in the early days of this semester, I began to pose a deeper question: Can one’s nostalgic memories of older video games impact their current gaming experience? I expanded on my idea in my pitch, where I built an analytical framework which would be used to perform a textual analysis on nostalgic Nintendo DS games from my childhood.


Implementing a post-structuralist methodology, my focus was on making sense of how each game could be understood by different individuals…

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