Mario Kart Wii and the Role of Nostalgia // DA Pitch

made by madii.

Mario Kart Wii was a single and multiplayer racing game developed in 2008. It took the world by storm and was the “the top-selling game console nearly every month in the U.S.”

I personally love this version of the game to this day and I believe it is intrinsically linked to nostalgia and the value that this game holds as a childhood memory.


Maria Garda said “nostalgia is not the property of the object itself but rather it is generated in our innerly experienced relation with it.” which highlights how individual experiences and differing social and cultural backgrounds may impact people’s opinions on the 2008 gameplay.

Nintendo’s marketing surrounds nostalgia, hence why characters, such as Mario and Luigi, have not changed much over the course of the series. They hold nostalgic value for individuals who have played versions of the game since 1992. This article will be relevant…

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