Mario Kart Wiiiiiiii // Beta

made by madii.

My DA so far has revolved around me filming my Mario Kart Wii gameplay and posting short form videos on TikTok. This participatory research into the game media has allowed me to interact with other users and uncover the role nostalgia plays in the longevity of the game. When forming my analytical framework, I emphasised wanting to discover other peoples opinions. Now I understand the importance of uncovering how Mario Kart Wii gameplay relates to my feelings of nostalgia and draw on shared experiences. On twitter, I have been doing polls to the bcm215 hashtag to find out how my classmates respond. As explored in Video Games as Time Machines: Video Game Nostalgia and the Success of Retro Gaming [Wulf, T. et al]  “gamers are starting to return to their initial and past experiences with games.”

This comment I recived on my pitch helped me reflect on nostalgia and…

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