Pixel Supremacy – context report BCM215

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Across the creation of my digital artefact I was determined to continue with my original idea of analysing nostalgia, narrative and graphics of pixel games; this decision was made as I had already completed all the drawings for 5 games, and didn’t want all that work to go to waste. However, this idea to keep with the idea did falter my project as I began to loose interest; resulting in my blogs possibly not living up to their potential and not finishing the last of the game blogs.
The decision to not finish my last blog was in response to the feedback I got in my Beta, where I was suggested to lesser the amount of work. Further influenced by my lack of passion for the particular game of ‘Super Mario Bros’, as I felt it was necessary to add a more retro game among the more recent games I covered.

Although it may not be very present in the blog posts I made, I did do quite a bit of background research on the games that I looked at, as well as the effects nostalgia has on a games success and impact within the gaming community. Further, much of my research went into the fandoms of the games and the fanart surrounding it; this again, I feel was not properly addressed within my blogs, as I wanted to more focus on the design choices of my games, rather than that of information that you can easily find elsewhere.

The art medium of pixel art within the games I looked at, was a big part in my decision to create designs as well as how nostalgia effects them; using the graphics from the earlier gaming era to draw in audience. This was a main driving force of my review, as a lot of the gameplay within these games were similar to earlier games. Moreover due to this nostalgic feeling, these games are still remember greatly throughout the internet and through the reach of their fandom.
Pixel graphics allows for imagination to run wild within these types of games, leaving space for your brain to fill in how the world looks to you; focusing more on the narrative of the game. This allows for games to have more emotional connections to the players, as the simplicity of the game embeds its self into the player, effecting their feelings of the game and resulting in a nostalgic feeling (that at least is found in my case).

Throughput the DA’s creation I did hit many other bumps in the road, other than my motivation loss. I found that I wanted to rely on my own artistic interpretations of the characters, not to rely on the existing looks of the characters outside of their 8-bit pixelated forms; however this proved difficult, as the existing designs still resigned in my head from playing these games and definitely shows.
Further, I came across problems in my archeological dives; ‘Friendly Fire’ had no information about its creation, and despite my effort to reach-out to its creators I had yet to get any answers.

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