Fandom, Pop-culture and Nostalgia in the Sims 4

Amy Dunn

In my last blog post I discussed the role of paratext’s in the Sims 4 and what they provide to the player and their impact on the game and it’s downloadable content. In this post I will be discussing the role that fandom, pop-culture and nostalgia have on the creation of modifications.


Fandom is a subculture of pop-culture and refers to a community of people who share a common interest. Fandom and paratext are inherently linked as paratext would not exist in any form of media without fandom as it is the main contributor to participatory culture in media.

The Sims fandom is collectively referred to as ‘Simmer’s by both the community and the games developers. Game modifications in the Sims 4 are made by members of the Simming community. The Sims fandom influences game modifications through nostalgia of previous games in the franchise as well as through the…

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