My Journey Through The Community of Old School Runescape and How My Research Failed.


Through out this semester, I have been working on a digitalartifact surrounding the Old School Runescape (OSRS) Community to better observe the contribution nostalgia and participatory media culture has had on the narrative of the game over time to continue the franchises popularity. I have done so through using my autoethnographic research collected from personal participation within the OSRS community via Twitter. This was to establish an understanding of how the community effects the developers in their updates towards the game to satisfy the communities craving of the nostalgic elements from their earlier playthroughs throughout the franchise’s 20-year history while balancing the need for new content to retain the interest of their audience consisting of new players.

It would be worth watch my Pitch and Beta to understand the progression of this project and the journey I have faced to get to this point.

Old School Runescape is an…

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