Tetris- Game Media Analysis Digital Artefact

Laura Broker-Towart



The term affordances was first coined by Gibson in 1979. He believed anaffordance to mean “an action possibility available in the environment… the affordance existed relative to the action capabilities of an actor. An affordance does not change if the actor’s needs and/or goals change”

However, today, affordances are understood slightly differently to Gibson’s original definition, for the most part, as being objective rather than subjective .Hutchby states, “Affordances are functional and relational aspects, which frame, while not determining, the possibilities for agentic action in relation to an object”. There are some affordances that are mostly static in games. In Tetris this could include controls, hardware, device played on, software, rules and limitations of the game etc. These affordances give the game structure, add meaning to the game and prevents players from winning or finishing the game immediately.

There are also the affordances of the game…

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