The Journey of Behind the Sims

by emma

Working towards a project that includes The Sims game, one of my favorite games to play has been a rollercoaster, and revisiting what I have made, how I’ve done it will be reflected on today. In the beginning, this game project was something I hadn’t thought too much into and just jumped in without a proper plan. I just had tunnel vision for The Sims and started playing it whilst recording a let’s play. At this point, I did have an analytical framework mapped out and picked 3 concepts that I wanted my project to explore. These concepts in my analytical triangle were and currently still stand are The player, Mods, and Expansion packs and cheats, and I thought these were relevant concepts as I play the game and experience how these affect the play.

This was the beginning of prototyping, I played the game and had a notepad next…

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