The Rise and Fall of MMM Games


Digital Artefact Video

MMM Games was a project I started at the beginning of this semester, focusing on the community, the success, and the neglection of FIFA’s game mode “Pro Clubs”. The mission was to take a post-structuralist approach to my analytical framework “it operates as critical theory—that is, as a radical philosophy seeking social change.”(, n.d.) This was essentially the point to my entire framework, a group, a community of players coming together to seek in this case a change in their game mode. EA Sports has been neglecting Pro Clubs for ages, and with the release of FIFA 22, I was able to explore what had changed in this new edition of FIFA for the game mode. This will be explored further in the video.

The simple answer to why EA has barely touched this game mode is money. Ultimate Team with FIFA packs (loot boxes) and…

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