The Role that Nostalgia Plays in the Longevity of Mario Kart Wii // DA

made by madii.

Mario Kart Wii is a world-renowned Nintendo Wii game that made waves upon its release in 2007 as “the top-selling game console nearly every month in the U.S.” The process of my DA has involved participating in the gameplay and showcasing this through uploading short-form videos on the platform TikTok. As Tiktok is a particularly younger demographic, I decided this was the best avenue to explore the question: What role does nostalgia play in the longevity of Mario Kart Wii?

Earlier in the semester, we were told to look into a “forgotten game”. I chose Mario Kart Wii, and yes I know, the game is far from forgotten. I, however, took to the perspective of saying that 13 years on, with evolved versions expanding and complicating the game, the simplicity of the gameplay in Mario Kart Wii is forgotten but yet its visuals, optics and sounds will bring memories for…

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