AMC Game Types – Contextual Report BCM215

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Welcome to the conclusion of my digital artefact for BCM215! I have attached my expanded and more technical explanation and analysis into my digital artefact. But below is my summarised experience with my digital artefact!

(Sound Cloud –

There are approximately 500 hours of videos uploaded onto YouTube every single minute. There is always someone in the world, actually, there is always a bunch of people watching YouTube at one point in time. YouTube allows viewers to watch many different kinds of videos, they might be beauty-related, they might be gossip related, they can even be videos with calming music for animals. But one area of YouTube I decided to focus on was the Let’s Play area of YouTube.

Let’s Play is a type of video where creators of “Let’s Players” will sit down in front of their camera (or no camera) and they will record themselves playing through…

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