Stardew Valley the Kingpin of Farming and life sims

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The aim that I had for this project was to highlight the efficiency and reasons for why Stardew Valley became such a classic and a hit amongst farming and life sim gamers, and how it has created a new surge in the same style of games.

I began this task by performing research on what the standard game of this genre was before the release of Stardew Valley and found my answer in the series of games known as farming simulator and decided to use the 2017 edition since it had been released in the same year as Stardew. Following this I found two other games to analyze alongside, that had been released after the release of Stardew Valley these being Graveyard Keeper a game that used Stardew as inspiration, and then Farming Valley a game directly created to emulate Stardew.

The next step that I took was to…

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