The interaction of GAME and GAMER – Pitch Video

Do you know before the Just Dance, what is it? It is Dance Dance Revolution, an arcade video game. It was very popular that every teenager would go to Amusement Arcade to play. However, time changes the playing style of the Dance Dance Revolution, it becomes a motion sensing game that everyone can just stay home and play. It is a new revolution to the Amusement Arcade. The technology of the game is changing how the game used to be. It becomes more realistic and convenient, building a strong connection between the game and the gamers.

This pitch video is talking about how technology changes the gaming style by usingDance Dance Revolutionas an example. The gaming style ofDance Dance Revolutionchanged from arcade video games to Wii and Switch. What benefit will the gamers gains from the new technology but at the same time, how Amusement…

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