GTA – Voice Actors

Grand Theft Auto, a.k.a GTA, has come a long way in the gaming industry. They have hired A-list actors to voice out many important characters in the game in their most well-known and influential game era, GTA III. However, Rockstar Games started having issues with the actors and soon decided not to hire any more celebrities. Why? That is what we will uncover in my final Digital Artefact.

To move on with the project, I have made a project timeline of important deadlines and tasks so that I could proceed with more ease and get a better understanding of the franchise, as well as do in-depth research on the issue between Rockstar Games and celebrities.

Week 6 to week 9, are very important weeks to do research coupled with feedback from my fellow groupmates, it could ultimately enhance and polish my digital artefact.

Other than that, I plan to use social networking sites, for example, Reddit or Twitter, to start a discussion in regard to Rockstar Game’s decision not to hire celebrities to gather thoughts on whether such a decision is wise and would it affect the company in any way.

By the end of the project, I assume that my knowledge regarding the gaming industry would enhance and I would be able to start conversations in the matter. Also, I suppose that most comments regarding Rockstar Game’s decision would not take a big toll on the company as that is not the primary reason why gamers love the game.

Let me know what your thoughts are and what else I could add to my project.

Until next time!

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