The Social Impact & Popularity of PUBG & BR

BR(Battle Royale) start from 1999 as a Novel, now it’s a kind of game genre.

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PUBG: Battlegrounds a game by KRAFTON Inc. in Korea during 2017 start selling on the famous platform Steam.

The unique mode of gameplay that mixing survival, finding and fight for better equipment or resource. It is the FPS that only 1 or 1 team of winner from 100 player.

However, PUBG not the first BR in the game history, but it should be one of the most famous BR in this.

Even now most of the people hear about the name of this game, especially the words from the PUBG: “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” when people talking about that words, we almost think to the BR.

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Therefore, in the identify part, we can see that PUBG and BR becomes popular and be memorize by people, which mean it’s already affecting to our society.

Then the problems will be where the effect to?

Like those topics that have been discussed before about video games, will it bring violent, addiction? Or a changing to our own value like individualism or socialism?

Whatever those question, both are may the social impact that they already bring for.

However, I expected that it’s bring the impact of Fast Food Culture, and I believe it will be relate to his popularity.

I believe it can be discover from the player community or the comment of players.

The Screenshots of PUBG in Steam

Moreover, as you can see from the picture below, 492345 players online in 24-hour before, seen PUBG be free in all of the platform, the number of player gain very fast again.

So why PUBG popularity going downward, and is it PUBG will be popular again? Then that will be what I’m gonna to find out too.

The Screenshots of PUBG in Steamcharts
The Screenshots of PUBG in Steamcharts
The Screenshots of PUBG in Steamcharts


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