BCM 215 : GTA & Controversies Pitch


GTA & Controversies Pitch

Hey everyone! It has been a hot minute and to start off my first blog post of Semester B, I will be talking about one of the video game industry’s most beloved franchise, Grand Theft Auto. Specifically, I will be diving into the controversies a little for my pitch video.

A franchise as big and as bombastic as Grand Theft Auto often leads to many controversies over the years. From the public calling the game out for being violent, to having celebrities like Lindsey Lohan suing the company for likenesses, to having the infamous “Hot Coffee Mod”, the list just goes on.

For my pitch, I am only covering a sliver of the controversies like how the franchise has always objectified and over-sexualized women, enforce the idea of hyper-masculinity and also desensitized us towards violence. For the full Digital Artifact, I will be looking into more…

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