BCM 215 DA : Grand Theft Auto’s Controversies


My digital artifact video on GTA’s controversies

Awhile back, I did a pitch video to cover on Grand Theft Auto and its controversies. In that short video, I was able to highlight certain controversies Rockstar faced through the years.

Today is my full digital artifact video where I dive a lot deeper into Grand Theft Auto and its controversies. My goal in this video was to bring up other controversies the series has faced while also exploring a little more in each one. I also wanted to have my thoughts on the whole situation.

In this video, I managed to touch upon a few controversies that I felt were pretty huge and naturally, they all touched on violent or sexual content. I talked about the Hare Krishna Movement, how the media was portraying GTA to be a “murder simulator” which was largely led by Jack Thompson, how women are sexualized/objectified…

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