The Social Impact & Popularity of PUBG & BR(Final Digital Artefact) — Alan Kwan’s Blog

After few week ago, it’s time to let me finish the final DA in BCM215…


In the video I didn’t show about the data of how many time we put on video games, in fact I can’t find the research about the exact number on the times people use on video games average, but though some report or overview of the video game platforms, we’ll see that how many times we are putting into the games.

Steam Stats Overview at 2021

The photo on top is one of the example about the overview of steam, which one of the biggest platform of video games. As the image we can see steam having 21% more play time than 2020, so it’s one of the proof that showing people want to spend more times on the video game, so as the same way to the PUBG and BR games.

By finding out the playtimes data of them then we will have the answer, luckily, with the data in steam chart, I can see how many player and what situation about this game.

PUBG in Steam Chart that showing the data about active player 48hr before

Then same way to the PUBG Mobile, but according to the data I found already, active player in PUBG getting more and more, which also mean there are many player putting their times in this game.

Moreover, my data research not only about the PUBG, it’s even including the other BR games, then my result is there are people does getting into the games, and let people addict maybe is one of the goal when they designing this game.

However, it’s unstoppable, when video game becoming the new generate of the media, it will replace the other and becoming more popular until there are another new form of media.

Hope you like my blog and video, I may bring more content in the future, please keep following me and you may see more.


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