BCM325 Pitch- The most employable me.

This semester, my Digital Artefact will follow my attempts on creating the,

‘Most employable version of me.’

The top 10 tips to make a graduate more employable, are as follows.

Whilst generic, I will be using some of this advice to guide my journey which will be documented on Instagram and blog posts via a new site, which I will create in the upcoming weeks. These platforms will be intended to act as a digital portfolio for future employment within marketing and creative roles. I will use this new site to feature accomplished works and posts that demonstrate knowledge in key areas marketing and media. 

My Instagram account will document a more casual and authentic learning space. It will feature the BTS of the portfolio, and anything I create or alter in an attempt to appear more professional and employable. The target market for the Instagram account will be fellow BCM or Marketing students or any other individuals who are interested in a career of marketing and communications. This contrasts with the portfolio/blog, which will be solely aimed at future employers and media professionals.

For example, content for Instagram will include things like

  • updating my Linkedin account in an aim to make it more professional and presentable
  • helping out friends’ businesses with their marketing or branding projects.
  • documenting my learning process on Adobe Products
  • using free courses to boost my knowledge on vital marketing concepts
  • updating my resume and cover letter


So, using the project timeline below, I am aiming to create 3 pieces of content for Instagram per week (reels, stories, posts). I plan to also create 3 blog posts during the duration of the course that reflect key pillars in my employability journey and demonstrate professional marketing skills. 

With that plan in place, I will be assessing the analytics of the content produced, continually making improvements or alterations to the DA as necessary. I will be actively researching throughout the semester to ensure that the content is relevant to my future career and the subject requirements. The success of this DA will be measured in how effective the portfolio is, and whether it clearly demonstrates the ‘job criteria’  skills needed to help me gain full time employment at the end of this year.


This subject emphasises the tension between the representation of the future and the lived realities of the past and present. Therefore, I will be evaluating the nature of ‘creative’  job markets in the past and how that has impacted students’ levels of employability today. I will be focusing on what employers expect from an ideal candidate within the marketing and media industry, and therefore I will be meeting these expectations to find a job 1 year into the future. I will also take into consideration how things may change in 10 years, using assumptions and research to back those predictions. This will be relevant to my future, as I am hoping to have a long term career in the marketing or media industry. My future goals are represented below. 

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