Fashion Unlimited

Caitlin Achenza

Throughout this semester I will be exploring, analyzing, and predicting the fashion trends of the future. I have always had an interest in fashion, although when interacting with social media it becomes apparent the mass market in fast fashion and how trends begin to circulate is on overdrive. In recent years, it has become an expectation for brands to align with our social consciousness, and have been held to a higher standard regarding the environmental impacts the fashion industry holds and how they intend to adapt within this evolution. Certain brands have developed loopholes as well as made strides to encourage a more sustainable approach to their production and design. With this in mind, I aim to explore the developments from 20th-century fashion processes, materials, and style and how this has influenced our current industry, and how these ideas will hold up in future contexts.

In order to achieve the most success with my blog I will be following the production timeline below:

Links to work cited :

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