Contextual Report


Ideation and Concept

In this digital artifact, I utilize YouTube as the platform and produce 3 episodes of podcasts, which will explore the development of cross-platform games, the impact they brought to the industry and how they affect gamers, and the future of cross-platform play. I like playing online games with my friends and wanted to take this chance to do more research on this subject.


I produce podcast series by first recording my voice using a voice recorder. Then I use an After Effects template to put audio spectrum animation on the recording. There are a total of 3 episodes each addressing different topics and the title of the episode is written on each episode under the audio spectrum.

Background Research

Cross-play wasn’t available until the 7th generation of consoles (Plunkett, Luke, 2020) because they lacked built-in Internet connections. Early attempts at cross-platform play include the 1998…

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