Clash Royale Experience !!

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Clash Royale is an online mobile app that combines a range of attributes into one game, these are card games, battle area, and tower games. This game showcases a list of themes that are set in a magical medieval world where wild beasts and knights fight against each other together with King and Queens that control the battlefield.  it displays bright cartoon graphics in visually satisfying areas and character art. In this blog, I will critically analyze the elements of this game and cultural analysis, though my personal experiences I’ve embraced the community as well enjoyed the experience of progressing through the game.

For beginners, logging into the game for the first time there are visual tutorials from AI characters that help teach you how to play the game as well join communities with additional features such as weekly challenger cups, and extra tactical upgrades. The community and interface help educate new and experienced players such as

  • Community based content on EG You tube, TikTok and Instagram (tutorials, gameplay videos and strategies). I personally enjoy watching SirTagCR , ClashWithShane and Master Diddy San
  • Internal game tutorials and description of cards and game modes
  • Character assistance though instructions and basic icons to demonstrate the functions
  • Online Clans !!! built in community

Link to your tubers

My expectations for this game were met, an online multiply card game that has:

  • Clean graphics
  • Great range of troops and characters with insane upgrades
  • Good communities
  • Entertaining YouTube content
  • Strategic gameplay and intense battles multiplayer experience

I found Clash royale to be very addictive and fun, a range of skills is needed when competing with online players as you progress. Compared to other strategy games, I was amazed by Clash royales character behaviors with the unique automated units for example

  • Musketeer Shoots
  • Hog Rider Hammer Slam
  • Witch skeleton spawns

I was very impressed with battlefield simulation with these characters, static towers, and graphical design of the areas, when playing the game, I enjoyed the design elements of the game from:

  • Visual authentic aesthetic (main menu, character, and areas designs)
  • Building personal decks/layouts, Combining Categories of attack abilities together (long range, close range, towers, and spells)
  • Entering real time battles and events
  • Levels of skill groups (ranks)
  • Range of multiplayer
  • Reward system of Chest cards

I found myself playing this game whenever I had the chance throughout my day when I was on public transport before bed and while I was home. The practicality was awesome, these quick five-minute games allow me to pass time when I need a distraction and feel rewarded when I collected rare cards. My experience was overwhelming good because I liked the competitive battles and strategic skills needed to play this game.

The mechanic to this game is very simple and easy to visually understand:

  • Elixir is needed to deploy troops
  • Cards cycle (four options)
  • Destroy static towers
  • Three-minute games unless overtime is needed

There aren’t many rules in during battle game

  • Can’t place troop in emery territory
  • Can’t place troop down if you can’t afford troop

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