A Short Stay with the Cult of Terra Mystica

According to Jason

When asked to find a new game to play for class I jumped on to Board Game Arena to see what I could find. Almost immediately I found myself invited to a game of Terra Mystica, a game I had previously heard of and been intruiged by and never played. Now, after somewhere between 6 and 12 plays across two versions of the game I have put together some thoughts on what drew me to the game and what has put me off playing it again:

A few things I also wanted to add after I finished recording:

  • I initially really liked the idea of asymmetric factions to begin with however, when playing the AI it became clear that they had a preference for some really overpowered factions and would always pick them
  • I also never really found a faction that I personally identified with. The first game I played…

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