An Autoethnographic Review: Rhino Hero Super Battle & Sushi Dice

Laura Broker-Towart

Today I will be discussing my autoethnographic experience playing Rhino Hero Super Battle, and Sushi Dice.

Rhino Hero Super Battle:

Designer: Scott Frisco, Steven Strumpf

Artist: Thies Schwarz

Publisher: HABA

Time: 10-20 minutes


Rhino Hero Super Battle is a dexterity stacking game. Players place walls and play roof cards. The first player to empty their hand or the player with the fewest roof cards when the building topples wins.

A detailed explanation of the game

Type of Game:

I started out believing that this was a Eurogame, however, I have realised that it doesn’t so easily fit into a box, it has mechanics that don’t fit into the Eurogame category, such as randomness and low strategy.

By Caillois’ Four Categories, it’s a mix between and Alea and Agon game.

It also falls towards Paidia on Callios’ spectrum because it has set rules.

Week 1…

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