Board Games Nay or Yay?

Do you enjoy board games? Do I enjoy board games?

Shay's Wondering World

Over the past 4 weeks I have experienced playing some unique board games.

Some good, some bad, some ugly and some just boring (at least in my opinion).

Game Mechanics


Co – Operative Play – Although you are against each other in a sense during this game. You are also each individual character and are working to solve the pandemic.

Area Control – Pandemic as a lot of different ‘things’ that needs to be placed on a board. Therefore there is an area control, and there needs to be controlled because this board game is based around the world. This gives you a setting, so therefore you need a visualisation to help set that Scene.

Point to point movement – Pandemic utilising point to point movement to allow the characters to gain advantages, however there are rules on how they can move. Which means as a player sometimes has…

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