Digital Tabletop Games: An Autoethnographic Account of the Play Experience.

Jacob Suter

Introduction & Cutural Background

Like many of you around the world, we have all felt the , and the , which has unconditionally transformed our lives forever. In spite of this, however, one thing has remained a staple of, that being Board and Card Games. Since 2020, riding the wave of a prolonged lockdown due to their simplistic game design, and status within popular culture. Contrast this to the niche market industry which has not seen the positive repercussions as its mass-market counterpart for multiple contributing factors, for example, the depth of play, the nature of niche genres, themes, settings, and most importantly the

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Board Games have been a dominant feature of my upbringing in a large extended family and have Through this blog, I will be analysing my personal experience of playing Digital Board Games, through which I will be producing a comparison…

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