I’m all Sushied out

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Sushi GO

Genre : Strategy, Cards

Target Audience : 8+

Designer : Phil Walker-Harding

Artist : Nan Rangsima, Tobias Schweiger, Phil Walker-Harding

Learning How to play

What expectations did I bring to the game experience:

When this game was picked, I had high expectations, I thought ‘a card game how hard can that be’. Reading the instructions, I thought it would be similar to UNO, a pretty well-known and easy to understand game, however it was not.

What was my affective response?

The game, however, was not similar to UNO. It took me around three rounds before I understood what was happening or how the game worked. I got the general gist of collecting the same cards in correspondence to what the number or instructions were on the bottom of the card. Although some of the cards I still did not understand. I am sure if I continually played this…

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