It’s Game Time

Samantha Pitaktomorn

In this video, I will discuss and analyse my experience playing various tabletop games. This includes looking at ‘UNO‘, ‘Codenames’ and ‘Throw, Throw Burrito’

With UNO, I have found that it falls under Cailloi’s category of ‘Alea’, meaning a game of chance. The game stayed interesting for me as you would never know what card would be played against you. The bright colours of this game made cards easily distinguishable and easy to put into play. Marshall McLuhan in his book, ‘Understanding Media’ states that games are very much an extension of the social man, inclusive of social reactions and body politics. These games affect our behaviour and decision making. In-game, these skills and judgements are put into play without harsher, real-world consequences. I really enjoyed playing UNO as the instructions were easy to understand and your chances were different each time you played due to the various…

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