Olivia Lopez

In BCM300 I have played 3 games so far. In the video below, I give my autoethnographic experience on the 3 games whilst the blog post that continues will delve into the games themselves.

6 Nimmt

6 Nimmt is a 2-10 player card game designed by Wolfgang Kramer. It was released in 1994 and has 36 different publishers (the list is featured below). There are 4 total game variations that can be played depending on the number of total players, so instead of using the full deck of 104 cards, you can play with 24, 44 or 54 cards. 5 different artists illustrated the game, Timur Baskakov, Design Edge, Bill Herrin, Gatis Sluka and Franz Vohwinkel. Their aim was to reach their target audience of kids and families as this is classed as a family game.

The games’ theme and setting intrigues me. Although its theme is…

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