P.O.V the kittens are exploding & you only have tacocats :0

by emma

The transcript of the above audio with visual:

I have recently played the game ‘Exploding Kittens’

Main functions of the game:


  • Aim to win by not drawing an card without having a diffuse card in your deck.

I found the adrenaline levels to be high with the ability to be taken out of the game and any given moment by chance. The element of made me play on the edge of my seat grasping at any strategy to stay afloat and control the elements that the game allowed me to. 

These strategic elements include:

  • Stopping other player actions: which made me and the other players competitive, finding that we were experiencing targeting certain players overtime just because it was in the fun of the game.
  • Cards to reshuffle the deck: to make the element of chance more heightened

Interestingly I found that the rules of the…

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