Playing board games without getting board


Bombagun Playthrough (with commentary)

Board games are a special type of fun, activating our inner demons onto the battlefield in front of all our friends and family. Today I will talk about my autoethnographic experience of playing “Bombagun” by AtomTeam which is an online card game (Steam) set in the immersive post-apocalyptic universe of an indie video game, ATOM RPG. Which I didn’t even know about until I researched it. I also had a play with the “World Series of Poker” app, created by Playtika LTD.

Learning HOW to play

Learning how to play a game can sometimes be really easy like UNO, or sometimes it is a lot more challenging than that, for example, 500. This is why things such as tutorials or game manuals are quite important in dictating how effectively one is taught how to play. Bombagun had quite an effective tutorial at the beginning…

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