Simulacrum through Cardboard: A Magical Adventure Through Autoethnography

Made By Andrea

Potion Explosionis a strategy tabletop game playable between two and four players by designers Lorenzo Silva, Andrea Crespi, and Stefano Castelli. It was published by CMON and the 2nd edition is currently available on Amazon for $80 AUD. The player age recommendation is stated for ages 8+.

Box Cover via Boardgamegeek

Potion Explosion is a fantasy-themed game set in a magical classroom. I was immediately drawn to this game being a massive ‘Harry Potter fan growing up, although the theme, illustrations, and texts were hinting towards a subtle Harry Potter vibe – It was the play of words in the instruction manual that confirmed my suspicions. Meet “Albedus Humblescore”, the Headmaster of the Horribilorum Sorcery Academy. It was that familiarity that really sealed the deal for me.

I was instantly immersed in this game experience due to my already preconceived knowledge of this fandom culture. This…

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