who knew being stealthy could make you a solitaire player


“Card Thief” (2017) is a digital game that can be played through the medium of mobile devices. It is available on both platforms of Apple and Android which makes it more user friendly for anybody to play it. It is also free to play which is great especially when you want to try a game format you have not tried before. “Card Thief” has embodied the idea of adventuring and dungeon crawling. The type of ‘genre’ this game is based on is role-playing games.Role-playing games are cooperative, improvisational, structured, and free form “interactive stories” that take place in the participant’s imagination. This type of game is usually set in “fantasy worlds or science fiction and alternate history locations.” This mobile game has different game mechanics to what a normal table top role-playing game is. Normally you would sit “face-to-face in small groups that is usually around a table” but…

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