Game Experiences


These games were all very different and had different factors that shaped my experience when learning and actually playing them. Did I like them all? Definitely not. Were they easy to learn? For the most part… NO – This was all part of my game playing experience.

Back To The Future: Dice Through Time

Game description:  The game is discussed as a ‘cooperative dice game’. Using a selection of game pieces you will travel through time (like in all 3 movies) using the DeLorean and collecting key items and returning them to the correct timelines.

Players: 2-4 People

Suggested age: 10+

Playing time: 45-60 minutes 

Designer:Ken Franklin, Chris Leder, Kevin Rodgers

Artist:Matt Taylor (II)


Type of Game: 

The game would be categorised as a cooperative game: This I would consider as a Eurogame. ‘Cooperative games are those in which players work with one…

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