Pass Go and Collect New Boardgame Experiences

Ruby Jones

Game night has just been replaced and its called BCM300 and its 8:30 on a friday morning. Over the last four weeks we have had the opportunity to explore, try and learn new games. Gone of the days where monopoly was the first choice in the games cardboard, we now have the opportunity to navigate, stratigise and use our imagination to find creative sollutions from winning to gaining the most points.

Exploding kittens

Genre: Party, Strategy

I originally played this game by myself on my mobile phone, after i started to understand a little better i tried the online version and played against other people which was a much better experience.

After reading the very few instructions, i felt comfortable enough to play using the trial and error method. I started on the easiest level and kept playing until I had won at least 5 rounds. Basically you place a…

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