BCM215 Final Report


It’s a blog of the contextual report in my study of course BCM215, the Game Media Industries, and if you watched my blogs before, you’ll know that I’m working on the topic of The Social Impact & Popularity of PUBG & BR as a part in the group project but also individual.

After my final DA, now there are the final report, I’ll going to review and talk about my DA and having a reflection in the final.


As you see from the image on top, we are group 7, and our main topic is PUBG, and the Battle Royale Genre, then why we choosing this topic? It’s a pretty interesting story.

Before talking about the reason, why we group together is one of the things that most effecting us to made it.

Beginning to the course, I have to be honest that this course is my favorite course as I’m a person that can be mentioned as a highly addicted to video games.

Although because of I born from a poor family, many games I played are not genuine and some games I only can know and enjoy it by watching the live of streamers.

I still know much games then most of the people beside me even the classmate in this course, and Ahmir is one of my best friend I just meet from semester A because of a group project.

We share the same interest on drawing and anime, even to games sometimes!

Then surely we are in the same group but only us, then the other groupmates are the people that I’m not very familiar and that made the problem on our group presentation later and the reason we choose this topic.

I have the confident on whatever games they pick are will the game that I know already because of the reason I mentioned on top, therefore, me and Ahmir want everyone are feeling good in this project, therefore we ask what games are our groupmates know.

It’s surprisingly not much, then PUBG become our main topic.


We beginning so well, all my groupmates are having different things that best on, so we can talk about PUBG in many different way even PUBG no any story and it’s just a popular game before only in 2017, we still can talk many things.

we work in different area and in individual, it’s effective and I don’t need to worry my groupmate because of it, then while we finding out the information of PUBG, it’s everyone working well.

So far so good, no any special things happen during that times, then soon with those information about PUBG collected by us, each of our pitch done, according to my memory, only one of us I think he is bad on English as me and he even made the wrong content on his pitch blog, I’m not sure about him, maybe he meet some problem, I try to tell him his mistake and I don’t how about him after that.

As the topic I choose is The Social Impact & Popularity of PUBG & BR, my pitch is very simple, I made the video to introduce my content and getting intro to the game of PUBG, if you want to watch it, then click me and you can see it.

Pitch & Problems

My pitch is easy and simple, and if you click the link on top, you should know it already. However, the first problem in our group start happen too after the pitch.

Similar but different content is the first thing that we need to care. As our tutor mentioned, in our pitch comments, he mention we have to avoid to overlapping the content of the other like I’m talking about social impact, and I should mention something does happening in the society like the news and social effect.

It’s a little bit challenge but I believe we can do it, if we more be careful, then as the comments I received from my tutor and classmates, they help me to finish the next assignment which is the critical self-reflection.

As you can see from this blog, I sum up the comments and find out where I can be further improve, and what advantages I should keep on, in fact it does help me in the after work, I try to avoid the mistakes that I made and keeping the things that well, then maybe because of the covid, I think everybody are in busy.

When I realized that, the deadline of our group presentation soon was coming soon.

Group Presentation

Then next to the day before group presentation, because of the time limit and the lack of communication, although we does finish all the content and the PPT by individual, we forget to make the order of our presentation, it made the embarrassing situation during our report.

In the presentation, I’m the first one to be present, however I made the mistake that didn’t mention about what is PUBG and because of my topic, I have a lot of things have to talk about, and I spend many time to present my part, and it made our tutor remind me about the over time problem.

In the end of the presentation, I think we are missing someone in group, and nobody know his situation, hope that he’s still fine, we are worry about him because of the covid.

Our tutor tell us we are having order problem during the presentation, it made our presentation becoming weird on the content, like some important information that should be mentioned before the other content but we talk it in front of them, that made our listener can only be understand what are we talking about after the key point.

For example, we put the about PUBG intro after we talk about the situation of PUBG, those are the problems we done in our presentation, and I have to be avoid next time if I have to be group presentation next time.

However, the problems I met not only just that much, my Final Digital Artefact is also met a very big trouble too.

DA(Digital Artefact)

After that, come to my individual DA part, if you click the link word upside, you should see my individual final DA in BCM215 already, and the video is including very much content inside, hope you enjoy it.

However, talking about the problem I met in my final DA, I made a big mistake on my time management and that made me late submission after the deadline of this part, and mostly the procrastination should be my main problem.

While before the deadline to the digital artefact part, I try to make it as perfect as possible, that give me much of pressure, meanwhile another deadline in my other course are coming up too, I can’t keep focus on my work because the others deadline are more early.

Meanwhile, many things happen to me, I got many things to do after I finish my other assignment in the other course, then I forgot I still didn’t finish this DA yet, moreover, I more bad news is when I realize I’m not finish yet, the deadline of this assignment is already gone, so I only can try my best to finish this DA as soon as possible after the deadline.

I learn more on time management after this accident, I should try to finish my work as fast as possible, and if I have extra time left, I can be keep improving my work before the final deadline, then the most important is always check my time table, or I may miss the deadline.

Self-Reflection and Conclusion

Now there are the final part of this blog, I wrote the critical self-reflection again in the final part of the assignment, I compared my old and new content and take a look again to my comments, then now you should see my blog of reflection about my DA.

In the blog, it’s mainly focusing on the content that I can be improve and where should be careful or do more better, just like what I’m doing in this part, but this part is reflect to my whole project as it’s a final report.

I collect many information though different website during the project, using the tools correctly on the data collect, I’m lucky that I know how to do those already because of my curious and Interest in video games.

Many platform nowadays in web are really convenient and those made my work becoming easy and effective. Moreover, although my groupmates are focusing their work individual but we still sharing our own finding and everybody in group can be benefit from it.

If I gonna to do some similar things next times, I would like to be more careful on the group communication and the time management, although covid does mess up to my planning but I should have the responsibility too, and now I know where the problems are, them I can do more better in the next time.

Finally, there’s the end of my final report and hope you enjoy this blogs, thank you for your patience, and I will keep doing further improve myself whatever in the past or the future, I would like to learn more as much as possible, it’s always a good things to have more knowledge.

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