BCM 215 : Contextual Report (Grand Theft Auto & Controversies)


Welcome to my final blog entry for BCM 215. I will be ending it with a contextual report on my Digital Artifact that I have been working on in the last couple of months. My group mates and I are picked Grand Theft Auto (GTA) as our digital artifact and I was tasked with diving into the controversies this franchise has faced through the years. Read on to know how it all went!

Ideation and concept

My group and I decided to pick Grand Theft Auto because we felt there were a lot we could cover on, and we could task each other to cover some major topics. With a franchise as big as Grand Theft Auto, there is an abundance of of things to dive into such as

  • Looking into how the storytelling has changed across all the games, the narratives as well as character developments.
  • The changes seen…

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