Contextual Report: The Blue Ocean in Nintendo Way


Yines Tsui

Nintendo Official Logo

“We are trying to capture the widest possible audience, all around the world.”

Satoru Lwata


Back in 1889, there was a card game produced namely Hanafuda which was the first product of Nintendo. Nintendo was founded as Yamauchi Nintendo on 23rd September 1889. Its founder who meanwhile was the first president was Fusajiro Yamauchi. Starting from the formation of Nintendo, there are nine presidents totally, ranging from Mr. Fusajiro Yamauchi (1889- 1929), Mr. Sekiryo Yamauchi (1929-1949), Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi (1949- 2002), Mr. Satoru Iwata (2002- 2015), Mr. Tatsumi Kimishima (2015- 2018)to Mr. Shuntaro Furukawa (2018- present).

Regarding the growth of technology, the productions of the game industry, animation industry, and e-sport are remarkably having explosive and rapid developments. Not only do they contribute to the economy, but also raise public awareness of video game entertainment. Reports have shown that the development of the world’s…

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