Our group topic is to find How could Nintendo avoid the decline in popularity throughout the years. Here I will share my digital artifact pitch – Nintendo’s Technique help them to be popular for years.

Nintendo’s switch With more than 43 million units sold worldwide.Is one of the best-selling handhelds in the world. It has pioneered touchscreens, virtual reality, analogue control sticks, motion control, portable games consoles, second screens and wireless controllers.

Nintendo Game&Watch also has a big innovation – the cross button. At that time, the handheld game console was an emerging market. game contents were still learned from arcades. Most of the game interactions used joysticks. Only Nintendo introduced cross buttons to improve the portability of handhelds and facilitate user operation.

Now, Nintendo is famous for its old technology as a selling point. Compare with the PS4 and XBOX . Those need to connect with the television to…

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