The Transformation from Amuse Arcade to Motion Sensing Game – Contextual Report

Final Digital Artefact


It is a well-known reality that amuses arcade is declining. The introduction of the motion-sensing game, 3D TV, online gaming, and augmented reality, to mention a few of them, are taking a significant role in the in-home gamin that is experienced beyond comprehension. At the same time as the current economic climate has left the individual unable to cope with the rising costs of amuse arcade (Lin, & Sun, 2011). Therefore, the transformation of the amuse arcade to the motion-sensing game is triggered by some of the various factors and not technological advancement and economic climate, and this might be saying something in the shift of individual culture of games. This report aims to discuss in detail the transformation of amuse arcade to the motion-sensing game using Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance transformation examples, respectively.

Taking roots to when the amusement arcade was introduced, when…

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