Disco Dominion – Welcome to a World of Disco

According to Jason

Disco Dominion is a roll and write game designed for a single player. It is set an alternate version of our world where Disco never died. As a result, all of humankind’s knowledge, wealth and energy was put into developing greater and greater dancefloors, turning the moon into a mirror ball, and searching for the ultimate groove. Unfortunately, when a pandemic of Boogie fever hit the best disco scientists were unprepared and club everywhere were forced to close. Years later, now that the threat has passed, heroic DJs are hired by the clubs that remain to try and lure people back to the dancefloor, bringing back the groove one club at a time. As a player, you take the role of one of these DJs.

Disco Dominion was inspired by other solo roll and write game like Railroad Ink and Bargain Basement Bathysphere. Players roll dice over a series of…

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