Reflecting on Making a Group Game

Laura Broker-Towart

Watch our game pitch presentation

Group Members: Shayla Carl, Caitlin OlsenJess Jenkins, and Molly Badewitz

Today I am going to be reflecting on my group’s game pitch. I will focus on the process of making our game, the presentation, my individual contributions, and, most importantly, what I learnt from the experience.

Firstly, I think our group did a good job at dividing up the tasks equally, but also ensuring that we were still working together. We came up with the game idea together, prototyped it together, and only separated when it came to actually dividing up the presentation. I will discuss this more later.

We started the process of making our game by ideating in class. We first discussed what we liked and didn’t like about previous games that we’d played, including specific mechanics, themes, settings, lengths of games, etc.  We all agreed that we liked…

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