Behind the Scenes ~ BCM300 Game Pitch Journal

Caitlin Olsen


This assessment for BCM300 Game Experience Design allowed the opportunity to work collaboratively to develop a concept for a game. This process involved rapid ideation and the development of a basic prototype. In order to successfully conceptualise an original tabletop game, each member of the team had specific roles and areas to explore. Initially, we generated a group chat online which meant that we could remain in contact throughout the course of the project, discuss ideas, pose questions, receive answers and document our progress. This worked really well and each member of the group was reliable, continuously contactable and creative.

The idea for our game ‘Staying Alive-Ozzie Killers’ began in a class with Shayla, Laura and Molly. Jess and I joined the team as we really liked the project proposal for the game and believed we would work well collaboratively. Having had little to no experience in…

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