We Made a Card Game!?


Staying Alive; Ozzie Killers

Game Designers:

Shayla Carl,Caitlin Olsen, Jess Jenkins, Laura Broker-Towart & Myself

Last week, we pitched our card game ‘Staying Alive: Ozzie Killers’, a game where the main objective is to simply, stay alive. Here’s how we developed our game concept, from the brainstorming process to pitching our final prototype…

After playing some games together in class we discussed which aspects of each game we each found the most enjoyable. One card game in particular, Sushi Go, was a clear favourite. The simplicity of this game made it easy for all of us to quickly learn and play together, something we all valued and wanted to replicate in our own game.

We discussed what sort of game we wanted to create, and a simple card game was the common answer among the group. None of us had a whole lot of experience with…

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