Disco Dominion – Playtesting and Feedback

According to Jason

Last week I pitched my game, Disco Dominion. As a primarily solo gamer myself I wanted to create something that I would be able to enjoy and would offer choices and challenges to others. After playing some games of Railroad Ink and Bargain Basement Bathysphere I decided upon trying to create my own roll and write game. I really enjoyed the process of rolling dice and making decisions of what to do with the results in both games and attempted to make that the core mechanic of my game. Much like Bargain Basement Bathysphere there is an element of “push your luck” – how deep do you dive before resurfacing or in the case of my game, how many people (Groovers) can you fit on the dancefloor without overfilling the space. Railroad Ink really cemented what I wanted the game to be visually, a 7×7 grid that could be filled…

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