Escape the Present with Time Travel

by emma

** At the end of blog post is an attached video: Explained by Emma. Below is the transcript to that video **

Have you heard of TIMESCAPE?

TIMESCAPE is the new tabletop board game on the block that is currently in prototyping stages, that simulates the experience of going back and forward through time.

Take a look at what the game is in this Game Pitch Video:

I worked with a group of fellow first-time game creators to develop the present game and what it entails. When working with a group of seven, we immediately knew we had to delegate roles to allow for everyone’s creativity to be expressed.

My section of the group game was the theme and setting, outlining what the aesthetics add to the game. This part can be viewed here:

The Experience I was trying to Emulate:

When creating the game, I had the intention…

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