Staying alive in a group project

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Staying Alive: Ozzie Killers by Shayla Carl, Molly Badewitz, Laura Broker-Towart, Caitlin Oslen and Myself (all blogs linked at the bottom)

For the game rules, I researched a little more into Sushi Go, as our game was primarily based upon this. From here I gained a basic understanding of the rules, and combined with our own rules that were listed in our shared google doc, the game rules were born. The rules for our game were simple, you’re given a hand of 8 cards, you pick one and put it face down in front of you and then pass your hand to the person on the left. The players then flip their cards to reveal to the other players, this process is then repeated until all the cards are gone. There was also a ‘press your luck’ aspect which means players could pause the game and swap a card from…

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