Timescape: A game about time

Carmody Conversation

Do you like time travel? What about mammoths, knights, flying cars and dinosaurs? If you answered yes to either of those questions, strap yourself in because I have the perfect game for you.

TimeScape is the ultimate time travel Ameritrash board game. Players find themselves situated within four specific time eras, (Ice Age, the future, Medieval Times, and the Jurassic era) and must work to escape before the time rift before the 24 hour clock strikes 12, or reaches the 24th hour.

It is quite a simple game that players can enjoy with the whole family. To begin gameplay, each player chooses one of the four time periods, then uses the spinner that is located in the middle of the board to (designed by Kat and yours truly). Now this spinner is not only intended to be used as a method of recording points but it is also used as…

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