BCM 300 – Blood and Politik

BCM 300

This game is inspired by Twilight Imperium and Betrayal at house on the hill


The year is 20000 in a far universe where different races live together. However, empires and nations are hungry for resources. Will peace continue or a war with unprecedented destruction will begin.

The game is designed to play between 3-4 players. The main audiences of this game are people aged over 18.

Main theme

Futuristic – Set in an alternative universe where supreme species have access to cutting edge technology

Open tiles – Beginning map will be placed on table with the back face up. All tiles are in shape of hexagon and can be connected to each other randomly. Only home planet map of each character has to face up.

Exploration – Player must explore to advance the game and achieve the objectives

Dices – There are 6 dices on table with 5 is…

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