Live Till the End—Game Dossier

All 13 weeks complete. bcm300-dossierndDownload Not about the assessment: I really would like to recommend two disaster films: the day after tomorrow(2014), and a Chinese earthquake themed film called Aftershock(2010). The second one is very very emotional, but very worth that pack of tissue. ( have a sneaky YouTube one)

Live Tweeting Self Analysis – Part 2

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After a successful first six weeks of live-tweeting to start the semester, I believe my efforts had only further improved since the mid session break. By focusing on the areas I wished to improve, my overall live-tweeting experience was far better during the second part of this session. Week 8: I,…

Colour Chain (pt. 3)

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The individual game that I am developing in class is a card game designed for 4 players. It is relatively simple as there are not many moving parts, mechanics or themes. This is not to say it is boring, just simply that anyone can pick up and play the game easily…

Gangs Undead

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What i’ve realised throughout BCM300 is the importance and impact of theme. A theme can push and create and entire world for the players, immersing them in an experience away from the ordinary and into the purity of board game play. So my theme, Gangs Undead. I know i wanted…

Game Making

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Hello all and welcome to this week’s blog post about a game I am prototyping in my university subject, Game Making. I intend to create a game with the theme, ‘environmental management’. The objective of this game is to introduce environmental issues to the audience, get the audience thinking about…